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Menu-Assisted Query

The Menu-Assisted Query dialog can be used to input a single-word or phrase, or to build a more complex query. The operators provided by Menu-Assisted Query will help you create queries that find the most relevant hits in the most efficient way. To perform a Menu-Assisted query:

  1. Select Query > Menu-Assisted from the menu, or press [CTRL-M] on your keyboard. The Menu-Assisted Query window opens.

  2. Type the text you want to find into the "Find all documents that contain ..." input box. You can type either a single word or a full phrase. Phrases do not need to be enclosed in quotes or joined by operators. Simply type them as you would normally. Use the Word Wheel if you are unsure about the spelling or existence of a word in your index.

  3. Click OK to search just the word or phrase you have entered, or use the conditional operators as listed on the buttons below the query field. When you click an operator button, the word or phrase you just typed and the operator appear at the bottom of the window, and the query field becomes blank, ready for you to type the next term. The available operators are:

  4. You can keep adding search terms and options to narrow down your search. If you use more than one operator, the query will execute according to the precedence of operators. As you build your query, it will appear at the bottom of the window. 

  5. Once you have built your query, press [Enter] or click OK.

  6. Perceptive Search will run your search and display a list of documents containing your terms.  These are displayed in the Results Window.   

  7. When you go back into the Menu-Assisted Query after running a query, you can click the Back button to be able to edit your last query before running it again.