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Natural Language Query

This dialog allows you to perform a search using ordinary English, without needing to use any form of the Perceptive Search Query Syntax. It is much simpler to use than a Command-Based or Menu-Assisted query, but gives you less precise control over exactly how the query will be interpreted. To perform a Natural Language query:

  1. Select Query > Natural Language from the menu, or press [CTRL-E] on your keyboard. The Natural Language Query window opens.

  2. Type your query, keeping your request brief and to-the-point. Use the Word Wheel if you are unsure about the spelling or existence of a word in your index.

  3. Click OK or press [Enter]. Perceptive Search will run your search and display a list of documents matching your terms in the Results Window.

Note that natural language is not as precise as Perceptive Search query syntax. It should however, return correct results for the vast majority of your queries. If it does not retrieve what you want the first time, try re-phrasing the question or using another search option, such as the Menu-Assisted Query.