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Word Wheel

Perceptive Search can also help you find a word that you are unsure how to spell. Using the Word Wheel feature, you can specify search terms that start with certain letters, or that are phonetically similar to words you enter. Perceptive Search actually helps you to define search terms, or even find out if a word is in your index before you search for it.

The Word Wheel button is found on the Menu-Assisted, Command Based and Natural Language query windows.

When you want to check the spelling or availability of a word, click it once. The Word Wheel window will display with a blank input box.

The Word Wheel provides two options for looking up words in your index:

Click the option you want, then begin typing letters slowly. In both cases, the list of matching words will narrow as you type more letters.

When you have found the word/s you want, you can select them in one of two ways:

If the Word Wheel does not find a word you are after, it does not necessarily mean that you have spelled the word incorrectly - it simply means that that word does not occur in the selected index.