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Punctuation and special words


Perceptive Search treats punctuation in a query in one of three ways:

You can change the configuration of punctuation in an index via the index options.

Reserved Words

Reserved words are those used as Perceptive Search operators, for example AND, OR, NOT, LABEL and EXCEPT. If you need to include a reserved a word in a query, precede the word with an insignificant character such as an underscore (_). This is a signal to Perceptive Search to include the word as ordinary text in the search, and not an operator.

The // and \\ operators can be included in a search, if necessary, by enclosing them in quotes (i.e."//" and "\\").

Common Words

Common words are words such as I, THE, IT IS, and other words that frequently appear in many documents, but do not frequently have a significant meaning. They are excluded from searches in order to save indexing space.